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Rescue Heroes and Special Recognition

  • Dog Rescued From Abuse but Authorities Never Notified

    by Robert Hudson   35 pounds of matted, filthy hair sheared from this dog living in a barn stall full of its own filth. This story has been going around the internet for the last couple days. I first saw it on Yahoo news and then found the Dodo article. Once it is picked up...

  • Family Raises Over $300 to Save Shelter Cat

    by Robert Hudson   For the past two months, Cathryn Speckman  has been bringing her two granddaughters- six year old Ellory and five year old Avery to the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to visit with the animals there. The girls look forward to their visits and pass out treats and give the...

  • Does Fostering a Shelter Dog Help the Dog or the Shelter?

    by Jessie Miller If you look up the word foster in the dictionary, it defines “fostering” as contribute to develop or promote. When I think of fostering, I think of helping another, helping someone or something that is need of a home or nurturing. That is what fostering a dog from your local humane society...

  • Pit Bull With No Eye Lids Finds a Home

      The Arizona Humane Society is on a roll taking care of animals that are abandoned by their horrible owners in the most awful conditions. They’re the same shelter that handled Brownie, the pit bull left behind by his family on the couch they no longer wanted by the side of the street when they...

  • Grease’s Rizzo Adopts Dog From Death Row

    Stockard Channing, who is best known for her role of Rizzo in the 1978 movie”Grease,” was saddened  after having to put down her beloved pit bull mix named Fanula, and went to the Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue, based in the wealthy community of Hamptons, New York to look for a new companion. Thanks to networking between shelters, GimmeShelter Animal Rescue...