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Rescue Heroes and Special Recognition

  • When Bean-a Senior Dog- Came Into My Life and Changed It For Ever

    by Toni O’Brien   A few years ago I was volunteering at Pets Alive, a wonderful no-kill animal sanctuary in Middletown, NY. I was not looking to adopt a dog after losing my previous dog to cancer, I just liked spending a day there (as I had for years). I walked some dogs, played with...

  • joeythecat

    Imagine you are moving across the country, coast to coast, and after arriving at the airport, your cat that traveled with you in the plane somehow escapes from the carrier in the parking garage.  This is exactly what happened to Bernie and Debbie Walko after arriving in Jacksonville, Florida from California.   “Before I could...

  • romeoandjuliet

    Cats and Dogs are not typically friends, but this unlikely couple of an orange tabby and a Minature Schnauzer are tight as two peas in pod and are not happy unless they are together.   Both were found as strays huddling together under a car in Chula Vista, CA before being brough to Chula Vista...


    Jill Hoffman, a 50-year-old runner from Los Angeles, Calif. set to participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Halloween Half Marathon on October 30, 2016 as a member of Team ASPCA, recently faced one of her biggest fears and went skydiving for the first time in her life as part of her half marathon...

  • Can you imagine discarding this dog like an unwanted toy?

    by Kristin Avery   Some dogs, like some people, are more sensitive. They feel things more deeply and when wounded, they heal more slowly. Lucky is one of these dogs. Lucky lived his first seven years with a young man in his twenties. But then the man married and his new wife (and her dog)...