Miracle Kitty Found a Month After Being Lost at the Airport

Miracle Kitty Found a Month After Being Lost at the Airport


Imagine you are moving across the country, coast to coast, and after arriving at the airport, your cat that traveled with you in the plane somehow escapes from the carrier in the parking garage.  This is exactly what happened to Bernie and Debbie Walko after arriving in Jacksonville, Florida from California.


“Before I could get the door closed he peeped out. We spent a couple of hours calling him looking under cars walking the parking garage,” said Debbie Walko, the cat’s owner.

Joey was no where to be found, and they still needed to drive all the way to their new home in South Carolina

“Our new house was so empty,” said Debbie.

Michelle Neeley with the Jacksonville International Airport led a search while the Walkos went on to their new home.

“We put out fliers to all of our tenants,” said  Neeley.

Hurricane Mathew hit.

“I just I kept praying, but I thought this is going to be the last try, he’s been missing for a while and now with this hurricane you know how is he going to be safe?” said Debbie.

Almost a month after the Walkos left, Joey was finally found. Neeley took the cat home with her the night he was found and the Walkos drove down the next morning to pick him up.


“The people at the Jacksonville airport were so wonderful and so warm and caring I can’t say enough about them,” said Debbie.