Hector The Shar-Pei Needs a Facelift and Here is Why

LONDON — Hector may look handsome just the way he is, but this Shar- Pei  was found as a stray- underweight, and needs a facelift to keep from going blind.

The dog is currently under the care of Halfway Home Dog Rescue in Collingham, UK. Hector was found abandoned and the recue saved him in to stop him from being put to sleep when no one claimed him.

Valerie Hosegood, the founder said they’ve since discovered Hector likes to eat raw food, which they’ve had specially delivered for him. They’re now focusing on raising the money for his operation.

“The skin is the main problem,” Hosegood explained to the BBC. “Shar-Pei are bred to have these wrinkly faces, but in Hector’s case the folds are rubbing on his eyes and if not fixed he will go blind.”

The online fund raiser is only half way there and needs your help.