Tears of Joy: 18 Year Old Dog Adopted by Biker After Former Owner Dies


Julep lived a long and happy life where she was loved and adored for 18 years until her life long guardian passed away. The family was unable to care for the dog and she ended up at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C.


Finding a home for any senior dog is difficult for most shelters, but the Humane Rescue Alliance put the word out on Facebook saying all this little lady needed was “a fresh start,” and she “doesn’t need much, just a couch to sleep on and a human to love.”


Wayne Lerch, with an empty spot in his heart after losing his adored 11 year old companion pit bull in December, was deeply moved by Julep’s story and went to the shelter the next day.

When Lerch first laid eyes on her at the shelter it was a done deal.   “I knew right away. I couldn’t let her spend one more night in the shelter,” he said. “She’s saving me as much as I’m helping her.”


“There wasn’t a dry eye in the room,” said Alix John Tolley, Spokesperson for the shelter. “We see a lot of happy endings and try not to get too emotional. But the combination of her age and Wayne’s obvious adoration for his new ‘old lady’ left us in tears.”


Lerch told TODAY  that Julep’s first day at home has been great for the both of them and she is helping him start to heal from Jasmine’s death,  “She is, I think, happy as a pig in slop.”